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Find your
Inner Freedom
with God

Our Services

Connect with God, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit

Learn healing tools to utilize on your freedom journey

Break Trauma

Be set free from trauma and triggers

Open Doors

Receive God’s deliverance, healing, and divine plan for your life

Let our team walk you through your healing journey with God 
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"I Feel lighter, freer, and more equipped in my every day life..."

My family relationships and relationship with God have grown too. Before my Inner Freedom experience, I had not been able to see God as a father. This was mostly due to hurts that I had accumulated from my earthly father that I had not dealt with, and wasn't always aware of. After letting heal those hurts and after forgiving my dad, I was able to open up a relationship with God the Father. My relationship with my dad is better, too. I highly recommend an Inner Freedom experience to others!

- Anonymous

"I experienced so much emotional healing and freedom."

I heard, sensed, and felt God's presence. He is at work in my life all the time! ​The ministry team was kind and understanding. The whole room filled with love! It was safe to disclose my personal hurts, shame, and struggles. There was no judgment and they were knowledgeable in the Word. ​I highly recommend an Inner Freedom experience to others!

- Anonymous

"My Inner Freedom experience was amazing! I loved it!"

Being led through freedom and speaking to and hearing from the Lord was incredible! I feel completely changed since going through this. I've experienced an increased desire to live my life with eyes open and fighting hard with obedience to turn to Scripture and prayer and peace to know how He really is. Also, I have so much more confidence in the purpose I was created for! The ministry team members were 100% completely understanding in their interactions with me. I felt so loved and not judged despite anything I shared with them. I felt safe and chose to trust them, and I'm glad I did! Every session was filled with Scripture and more references were provided for me to read at home. I have already recommended this to so many people!

- Anonymous

Reviews From Recipients

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